The bazaar proved an exciting event for all, especially children.

SOME 2,000 people attended the Bazaar Junior Perak 2023, a Perak government project jointly organised by Junior Chamber International Kinta (JCI Kinta) and Little Tauke at Meow Garden, Tambun.

Bazaar Junior Perak was initiated last year when it was known as School of Hope: Children Flea Market.

Due to the overwhelming response from parents and children, the project was held again on a bigger scale.

A series of comprehensive learning programmes were introduced to children aged six to 12, including a business training session, corporate visits, and culminating in a flea market.

Sales from the flea market totalled RM25,000 with 10% of profits going to designated charities.

A total of 60 stalls were run by 257 children, which included 74 sponsored children.

The children who participated in the flea market said they learned lessons about the importance of money, how to make smart financial decisions and manage their finances effectively.

Source : The Star Online