IPOH, 24 AUGUST 2022 — The Perak State Government through the Institut Darul Ridzuan has organised Perak Sejahtera 2030: State Leadership Summit 2022. This Summit aims to bring together all the relevant officers of Perak state departments and agencies to explore the best approach in implementing Perak Sejahtera 2030. The Summit also aims to enlighten the participants about the Doughnut Economics Model, in line with the 15th Flagship programme of Perak Sejahtera which envisions Ipoh as a Doughnut Economic City by the year 2027.

Perak Sejahtera 2030: State Leadership Summit 2022 will take place over two days, namely on 23 and 24 August 2022 at Hotel Casuarina@Meru, Ipoh and has been officiated by YAB Dato’ Seri Saarani Mohamad, the Menteri Besar of Perak.

A total of ten (10) local and international speakers have been invited to share knowledge and their experiences as well as sharing ideas to find innovative and creative decision-making approaches in issues involving the management, monitoring and implementation of projects with State interest.

Professor Kate Raworth, the founder of the Doughnut Economics Model, gave a lecture on how the Doughnut Economics approach can give a better understanding when dealing with State strategic management matters. The Doughnut Economics Model will also be used as a Perak Sejahtera 2030 dashboard so that the state of Perak does not go beyond the boundaries of the environment, but rather emphasises economic, social and political balance in line with the goals of Perak Sejahtera 2030. In addition, there will also be a networking session with industry players during this Summit.

Perak Sejahtera 2030 is now in the implementation phase of all the programmes and projects. For example, on 13 April 2022, YAB Dato’ Seri Saarani Mohamad, the Chief Minister of Perak together with YAB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the Prime Minister of Malaysia launched the Automotive Hi-Tech Valley (AHTV) in Proton City, Tanjong Malim. This project is expected to generate 370,000 job opportunities during construction and 160,000 jobs when operational.

In addition, the State Government’s efforts in producing more state entrepreneurs and providing business facilities continue to be intensified. The Kuala Kangsar Farmers’ Market project (Projek Pasar Tani Kekal Kuala Kangsar), which is expected to be operational in April 2023, aims to benefit more than 100 entrepreneurs.

Among other projects that have been launched, including the Ipoh Raya Integrated Park. This involves six (6) phases of one-stop integrated development by optimising the priority of the first green industry in Perak. This 832.38-acre development includes an agricultural-based industrial hub, logistics hub, and vocational and technical skills facilities. This project aims to further strengthen the Industrial Corridor and provide an efficient and effective industrial and logistics business environment for investors while also making Perak an investor-friendly state. This integrated development will have a positive impact on the local economy and is expected to create 15,000 new job opportunities.

Perak Sejahtera 2030 requires the concerted effort of all stakeholders for it to be implemented successfully towards a prosperous State for the wellbeing of the people.

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